Thursday, October 4, 2012

Return to the Sky

A poem written a while back, when I joined the Astronomical Society...

Return to the Sky

Let me, Lord, sail among the stars, and

Swing the great lens about and forward,

That my eye at least can spirit satisfy

With light well-aged a million years.

Like some wine divine, these messengers

From afar bring report of realms beyond the

Dreams of men, and make way back into

Space and time, through the wonders of the deep.

Now feel I my spirit rise to the arms

Of the galaxy spread wide and lazily

Across the sky, sweeping, showing the zoo

That upon heaven plays, the prize to catch.

Hear the fundamental tone of the stars

Ringing their death with joy, pulsating

Rich clouds of elemental spores that will mix

And press to light again, and pound the ageless bell.

See the silent harmony they spread, the

Crystal spheres so sweetly creaking, which

Diamond will in time make sparkle, and life

Give shape, make live in body on new worlds.

Peel back these mighty trees, and peer

Into the book of light they left, the light that

Shined upon the other nations, to illuminate

The chosen, priestly nation in the Mercy of beauty.

And where the eye by brilliance so denied,

Let the genius of faith take your hand and up,

The poet and explorer, to that Empyrean where

The cores in raw energy, pure chaos roil.

See the giants in ire explode, to adorn

In a rose of bursting color its lucky home,

And by its show delight in holy wonder

The princes of their realm now peering.

Then from these stairs of heaven, these paths

Of stardust which the angels trod, let me

Come back transformed, to see the stars

That clamor into the beads of dew beneath my feet.

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