Thursday, October 18, 2012

Apothesion of the Ocean 4

Return to the Sea


Upon entering Woods Hole… Dedicated to Little Fish.


Why doth my spirit shake so?

What distant echo has it heard,

to make it quake with holy joy

and anticipation? Did whiff of air

bring that ancient scent of salt

that doth recall memories of old?

What sight doth cloth the eye in

wet tear, yet unseen but felt by heart?

Can Mercy of God be so great as to

fulfill the prophesy and hope of yesteryear,

bring me after long journey home to the sea?


The happy sight! Oh the happy sight I see

even in the foggy midst of clouds conspired

to hide the wide and swelling majesty:

the sea! The sea doth call with joyful roil

with gentle crash and foamy wash upon

the beach-head still in the summer morn.

Good God! The blood within me calls

to the azure blood of Earth, in equal

proportion attesting to the primal

mold of man from sand and stardust

long ago, to kneel and meet, sink

within caress yet cold, but tender

of the ocean-sea within its fold.

The kiss of tears, of salty drops I press

and squeeze with bliss from heart I let

fall and mix with the coming surf, for

it to take away my greeting to the world

I greet again. A world yet unknown and

secret, as the Face of the Father, covered

not by star and cloud but depths unconquered

and not provoking man, tiny wonder.

I missed thine sight, being landlocked

so long by snow, by day’s swift journey

and scholar’s duty. But now free, I augment

my freedom to knowing you, my ocean.

Wash my face and bless me with the Touch

of God that quickens life within thy waters,

that first received the Breath of God in the world.

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