Friday, October 19, 2012

Letters and Other Prayers 5

The Small Things


So much can fit between two hues:

The Academy of America and of Ithaca,

The star that gives life to beings,

The blood of love, or the blood of hate.


So much can be within a minute:

A universe beyond reach expand,

A soul to heaven may fly forth,

Or to hell plunge with a thud.


So much can be within a point:

The difference between almost

And acheived, between just glory

And unjust shame of sulking.


So much can be within an inch:

The light of stars uncounted in milk,

The vessel that life-blood brings,

The difference between hit and miss.


So much can be in a simple act:

The seed of love or hate eternal,

The single yes that salvation will accept

Or the stab that innocence will kill.


So much can be in a word:

The testament of a life well lived,

The wisdom and fountain of life,

Or the sign that betrays a traitor.


This know the sages: there is no hue,

Nor minute, nor inch, nor act or word

Too small to worlds entire discover and

Create, or destroy and burn to ashes.

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