Sunday, October 21, 2012

Letters and Other Prayers VIII

The New Troubadours


Outside my window I hear the piano

So skillfully tickled to sing Chopin’s

Flying notes from beyond the ages, beyond

The waters, here to lure me forward to the source.


But wait! I hear the violin sweetly sounding,

The gentle creek of music that my ear washes,

Mixing with the daring beats of Asunda’s

Legend, climbing the staircase to heaven.


What fingers now pluck the strings so wildly,

Stirred by a heart so longing, so burning with

Passion for the dreams men long ago threw away,

The stars they left for heaven’s keep.


These are the new troubadours, from dorm

To door singing, peddling the world man

Lost – the world of love, the world of chivalry and youth

Unbounded by old limbs and old fears.


They for music’s sake sing, oblivious to the

Sneers of baser men, to let loose upon the

Earth the cries of poets, seeking the lofty

Empyrean of wisdom, and a lover’s heart.


Play on, dear friends, play on. For where

Music flows, there an ear will be to capture

It, and let not the precious drink spill into

A dark and deaf void, to be the seed of planets.


From there, the planet that shines in morn,

And shines again in dusk, its zealous rays

Upon the Earth love, then beauty conceiving,

Will shine forever in the eyes of these troubadours.


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