Sunday, October 21, 2012

Apothesion of the Ocean VIII

The Engineers


Get the engineers to hoist a sail, pull on sheet

they thought was halyard – you’ll get great laugh

out of watching their fumble, their tremble as

they stare at disturbed forestys’l flogging in the wind.


But forget not they who retire belowdecks, into

the very belly of our Bobby, they are worthy of

as much honor, and as noble as the navigators.

Yea, step but into their world, and you become

as they hopeless on the decks, their they reign

with strange custom and knowledge the power

of electricity!


                     Watch these men engage in magic

as they coax the sails of bass to life! They raise

a sail of iron into the water, while the sails of cloth

fail in wind onslaught. They cheat the very breeze!

Look, the ship does the impossible, going headlong

into the airs, its speed undiminished but augmented

by the work of engineers!


                                       But this is only their first

show of technic skill – next they ope the sea chest

and breach the hull! Yet the ship does not fill to

brim with brine of ocean, but freshwater, as if

they found sweet spring upon the desert, unlocked

unknown rivers amidst the treasury of deadly water!


Their silent grin betrays another feat, this time as

they infuse life into roaring machine, master and

load the thing as if beast of burden, to spread light

and electric spark to all other things aboard: a new

fire from a new Prometheus, to light the galley oven

and enliven the glowing tablets for our project work.

These men are inducted as guardians of the new

wheel, upon which drives the civilization of the

moderns, which drove us to land and space conquer –

but not yet the relentless sea, harsh master that it is.


Now none laugh as they emerge from their lair,

save them, the strange men, that laugh as shipmates

dumbfounded beware their wake, lest they try

another work upon a ship made bright and brilliant

by their discreet toil. Their privilege is no more

questioned by silenced grumbles, lest they check

the heads and stop the reefer from providing bit

of comfort so far away from land. Instead they

take the helm beside the Kaptain, all content.

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