Saturday, October 13, 2012

Life, and Other Miracles 2

The Explorer


Ah, explorer! Why are you not far away, on a ship

covering great ocean’s breadth, seeing new peoples

and listening to unknown tongues, studying the

vast wastes of planet, traversed by humans yet?


Yea, glob reveals all there is to tell, and every map

combines work and legacy of so many men, who

even crossed over both the world’s poles, the empires

of ice that made them unconquerable till our age.


Do you accept concession of this planet? This rock

so neatly contained within these drawings, with

no secret left to tell? What of the summits untouched

that lay beneath the oceans, and the seas of rock below them?


Who spoke that you shall have air and water were you

shall go? Who said warmth and comfort awaited him

who goes into the world? Who said you shall carry your

foot and hand so far as to touch the things you’ll discover?


For you mount a different helm, and speak in new tongue

of command: you are captain of crewless ship, worked

by men light-leaps away, which you doth govern with

light’s meaning that moves its masts and solar sails.


Your ocean now is void of space, which you will never

feel, but one which holds peril for thine vessel, so vested

with the labor and travel of generations, which holds only

key to domains beyond our own, the rest of unknown universe.


You can make no mistake, lest your life languish with loss

of vision for humanity, that which even in the fraction

of reality hast seen unreal beauty: oceans sealed by crust

of ice, orbs made of pure diamond, life in foreign language writ.


Witness, Columbus! From heaven peer Cook and Amundsen

upon your son, who ventures as Admiral of the Milky Galaxy

into worlds so ancient, they doth show only faintest spark in sky!

Bless him, and with them us, and draw wonder from his chart.


Let his report, even if link is lost or beyond the echo of light,

or mutinies and carries human legacy as monument for those

far beyond and far from now, inspire in us wonder to be great,

to build a metropole of God, Whose Genius guides us still

                                          upon seas endless and far away.

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