Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Letters and Other Prayers XII

A poetic interpretation of what the Internets are:

Books of Light


Stop, and hear. Can your ear perceive

The sound of light shining about you and

Through your soul and body, silently, as the

Ocean crests the swaths of seas swaying?


No? Can you see at least the people

And the antics they draw upon the screens

Of tube and machine? Or do they too drift

Among us and alien, like the spirits of the sky?


Yet these marvels float about, and I raise

A mirror, a machine, or a shard, a shining phone,

As the looking-glass that will let me peer into their

Deaf and hidden world, so but only for a while.


Because I see indeed in these books of phantom

Light the whole chronicle of man: his genius

In the stylus that these texts writes, and

His stupidity in the things he chooses to write.


But from their garble come the poets, the men

Of vision who let these books fly across the world,

And unite their number, unhindered by the

Wastes of desert, or the coin they cannot get.


These, my God, I bless – for these write

A new annal, and a new chapter in

The adventures of man, and at last ordain

An order of freedom to present to You the gem of peace.


These, Lord, in Thy Mercy protect, for they venture

Upon the soundless seas of light that wash the

Planet, to make it worthier of Thy gaze –

They wander to catch the fish in new nets.


Their kernel increase, and let find the rare

Land that flies in the clouds, to weigh it down,

And bring to Earth a piece of Thy kingdom

To let the Earth its Easter wedding remember.  

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