Monday, October 29, 2012

Life and Other Miracles XI

Prayer for the Atheists


O Lord! God of all Creation! Creation that so far and bright

doth spread before the eye! Listen to this humble supplication

of servant most unworthy, a servant split by distraction in two,

giving so little thought to You, though You surround me.


If it is Your Will, and their acceptance, admit them to the house

you built for them before foundation of the world. Let not

domain so beautiful be vacant of the mind that would shine,

would alight it with a holy glow of wonder, if it knew You.


O God! You well know the ways of their minds, the religion

they took instead of Your Church. But did they not worship

You, even as they ridiculed your rule, describing it in words

scarce seen and known, and which reveal Thine Glory too?


For that instant where their heart did flutter, touched by

beauty’s inspiration, for that moment when all became lucid,

as it did so long ago, when they beheld a son or daughter,

and blessed You by gratitude: lead them into reign of heaven!


Yea, the heavens they so long did prod by gazing at the stars,

by peering into depths of life, writ in Thine Own Word, the

Word that all the works of man contains in pound of flesh –

they who faithfully delivered proof of Your endless love for us.


And dare I say that they found a crumb of favor in Your eyes,

for even as they were so wayward, in so small and frail a skiff,

they did sail to the breeding grounds of stars, and as prophets

revealed further the Universal Law, for the sake of the lukewarm.


If their soul was not baptized by touch of grace-laden water,

by the Spirit’s fire not whole consumed, when they do give up

their ghost, let not a blank vision of despair disturb the, but

the golden vision of flight, as I utter with the priest: “Pray for us,

                                                                              St. Socrates.”

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