Friday, October 12, 2012


As you may know, I have chosen to study history in my brief tenure as a scholar. Thus, it is only fit for a historian to write a chronicle of his own life and times. This is meant to be written in an "old style," with the tone of the ancient historians.


Those times were a great era of Mercy. The Lord then granted great gifts to Mother Church, and to the whole of His children. For the Lord sent a prophetic pontiff, John Paul, Bishop of Rome, Son of Poland, the Truthspeaker called the Great and hailed as the new Moses, who for twenty six years governed as Vicar of Christ the Church Militant. Even when the cancers of heresy, apathy, lukewarmness, vileness, scandal, and satanism were evident throughout the world because of the intensification of the evil works of the fallen angel, many saints of God brought comfort to His children, defended them against the poison of the enemy, and by the Lord’s grace found victory.


Of these the greatest are the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, whom God was pleased to make the Trustee of the Peace of the world. In the times of the father of my father and the mother of my mother, and even in the times of their father and mother, Mary has revealed to the world the divine exhortation of metanoia at Fatima, in Portugal. Then, to the saint sister Faustyna from the house Kowalska, the Lord Himself, in the splendorous majesty of His infinite Mercy, through many of her trials and the trials of Poland dear to God, had granted the indulgent Novenna of the Divine Mercy. Now in the time of my parents, even onto my own time, the Virgin has come upon a holy mountain in Illyria, now called Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Medugorje. To the children there, Mary had urged that they call the world to repentance, and that God’s children now clothe themselves in Christ once more, and take up the Shield of Mercy while it is still to be taken, for defense against eternal loss on the days of chastisement, which Mary said would come to pass even in the lives of the children.


Now they are adults, and they still see the Mother, pining for Her children. And that the faith of the children of God may be confirmed, many wonders were seen in my days. A wondrous miracle, said to happen very early, is seen in the sky in Medugorje, when the sun appears to dance in the sky, swoop down towards the earth, then return to its seat in the heavens. On other days, the sun is seen to visibly spin and contract, in awe and fear of the pilgrims gathered there. Then, the most amazing is the sun flashing and making the whole sky dark, despite being visible without the destruction of one’s eyes.


All these things were not seen anywhere else save Fatima long ago, almost three generations ago. The sun wishes not do dance anywhere else, nor does the planet feel the disturbances of the stars, in contrast to the laws of nature and the observation of the instruments sent into space to monitor the heavens. Yet this miracle is unlimited from the constraints of reason and the laws of nature. It seems that some especial exemption was granted by the Lord, that His children may speak and testify, “Let us listen to our Mother, and turn now to the perfection of Our Divine Father.” And the witnesses to these miracles are the thousands, who have also given trustworthy testament of the lens on the internets.


To the children the Virgin granted ten secrets, to be revealed in the time of the Lord. They keep them faithfully in their heart today, save those which the Virgin wished be spoken to the world. And of these secrets, the third and seventh had been spoken of thus: that within a time, a miraculous and indestructible monument would appear upon the holy mountain of Medugorje, which would confirm the faith of believers. This would happen instantly, so that even the atheists would be astonished, and all would have to concede: “This was the work of God.” The seventh secret Mary Herself said that it had been mitigated by the prayers and fasting of the faithful now.   

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