Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life and Other Miracles IX

Fiat lux


Hear, hear the sound of God’s command resound through

all the universe, all that is shake with the echo of His first

Word creative: “Fiat lux!” that did compel a point scarce

extant before, inflate at His touch and light all the worlds!


Look into the orb of past that girds the flat sphere of universe,

see therein writ the Word of God, in sound of heavenly

bell, a carillon of cherubim that music wrought: music that

told what realms should form, what dust and gas ought be.


And the divine score, that stretches over star rivers, that

serves as parchment for the black of sky, is writ in every

inch of space you claim your own, for what is the near

perfect shimmer of that ancient sun, but the quantum fuzz?


And the perfection of Creation in the smoothness of the

symphony, which no man can hope to match, is flawed by

note wayward that beget our galaxy, so that all may know

even the foolishness of God doth mold a work more beautiful.


The fundamental tone of the quickened universe beats as

mighty heart moving blood so thin, it is nothing but three

protons. And of these humors only third is known as matter,

only tithe of that is known and seen by men, and nothing else.


Yet genius clothes the eye with vision of unseen heavens,

and soul ascends again wondering and blameless, untouched

by pride that comes from false mastery. These Godly fools by

older light ascend to new nations of physics and mathematics.


There, they find others to greet them, for they are not alone

in hearing the sweet music of the spheres in heart. Guided

by faith and love, one in Church, the other in science, both

at last will find the Truth in Light (but mother Church first).

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