Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Special Post: Pope Benedict XVI


          It is with grave sadness that I meet our Holy Father's decision to resign. A revolutionary act, yet fully anticipated by Canon Law, it is indicative of a serious deterioration in the Holy Father's health, far beyond what we are privy to. Let us pray for Holy Mother Church, that the Holy Spirit may guide her in the election of a worthy successor to bear the unique cross that is the office of the Supreme Pontiff, and that the suffering Christ may bless the Holy Father with a graceful conclusion to his life and the bliss of heavenly reward at his passing.

          I ask that my Christian brothers and sisters pray for us, as well as those of other faiths and all men of good will.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dubois: Toccata


          Please enjoy this delightful piece, as well as this very informative and important article:  http://www.salon.com/2013/02/10/to_get_the_gold_they_will_have_to_kill_every_one_of_us/


Life, and Other Miracles XIX

Apology of Cassandra

The People clothe thee with power once again,
the world listens once more to thine every breath,
legion after legion is poured forth from fatherland,
to enslave the others, kill the citizens with hellfire.

Unity, unity you preach, equality for all: what lie
shall you spin to justify yourself more? The Republic
lies dead at your feet, not by daggers but by votes
extinguished, its citizens conformed as imperial subjects.

But the People’s perfection is the first flaw of this state,
perceived by you and the traitors that betrayed the oath:
fifty five million souls the Nation is short, blood in
womb spilled to cleanse the People of every scourge.

Yet this People is stubborn, so filled with the undesired:
what perverse physician’s knife could not end the gun,
the drug, the poison must death bring, that lies hidden
in food and water unknowingly, provoking neoplasm.

What you wait for? Don the purple for four years while,
crown of gold mint, erect your tribunal in public: shame
you have none, a Senate colluding, mete out then death’s
sentence on whosever you wish, maim yet another generation.

An ephor appoint for life to confirm this sad downfall
enjoy fullness of supreme power, unchecked by any court,
you need hear no more the cry of single mother, nor protest
of Holy Mother Church, nor see the sight of departing soldier.

All the show is finished, now begins the plan, seditious
and secret, unleashed at opportune moment. What prince
can stop you, what power on Earth? All prophets of action
seem asleep or dispersed, killed by terrible strike from sky.

But behold, your reign shall be challenged: they who love
thee now shall see the multitude and fly, a voice shall be heard
throughout the land, and it shall not be ignored, for the Lord
has anointed them to go with courage and without fail.

Yea! Hear the oracle now! Dismiss not the holy ravings,
lest you yourself ope the door for enemy. They are at the walls
with fire from their destroyed homes, ready to exact revenge.
God seek now, or perish with your power: so I say and destiny orders.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alan Watts: Vocation


        As you well know, our culture is geared towards the ever-elusive job opportunity and the attainment of personal wealth. Why? Let the question mull about in your hearts, for why should you consecrate your life to that which passes away? Why ought the life created by the Almighty, destined and marked for extraordinary challenge, be squandered in the never ending rat race for money? Remember: man lives not by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.

        Please, let this not be a cliche. How else can we change our unhealthy society?


Life and Other Miracles XVIII

Apology of the Sage of Eden

It universe is not like the City of Man, proud human,
you who think your harshness, cruelty that knows no
mercy is the norm among the stars: unlike your walls
the worlds are not devoid of love and life, of holy grace.

That you should turn towards God, be the vessel of
good things, be steward and co-creator: for this the Lord
filled you with His Spirit, and made an eternal covenant
with you, as if you were His equal, a friend and brother.

But you chose and choose each day to not be like Him,
but surpass and excel the perfect and the excellent God,
supplant Him (what folly!), topple Him from the throne
and sit yourself upon heaven from the earth you never left.

Yet take, and hold the heavy scepter, and remember
in one instant of our governance without divine grace
we decreed for self and generations disease and death,
and allowed into world sin’s entry through the serpent.

How good it is we were never gods, for we would be harsh
deities, without compassion, such that no flower could ever
live, for lack of sun and water. Death would be our sport,
life a rarity, if ever writ and cared for, the worlds would be bare.

To the begging mother, sick and barren, we would hurl
answer in miscarriage. To the beggar, cold and hungry,
we would cause each one to pass without notice as the
street filled with dirty snow: so vicious would be our reign.

We would not know how to love as God so loves the world,
our hearts have not yet learned even angelic concern and
care. We would fast get tired, let the universe wreck itself,
some fatal error to make all good wilt: for to err is human.

But to correct is divine, to love and serve, to hope and
forgive is good and Godly: to remember one’s promise
in spite of endless spite and infidelity, and self turn from
problem into answer, that is to seek the Holy Perfect One.

Then, I hope, we shall submit and cling to our Master,
the good and understanding Teacher, be not the god we
never can be, but the people we were meant to be:
a priestly nation, first in Creation, the People of Life.