Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life, and Other Miracles XIX

Apology of Cassandra

The People clothe thee with power once again,
the world listens once more to thine every breath,
legion after legion is poured forth from fatherland,
to enslave the others, kill the citizens with hellfire.

Unity, unity you preach, equality for all: what lie
shall you spin to justify yourself more? The Republic
lies dead at your feet, not by daggers but by votes
extinguished, its citizens conformed as imperial subjects.

But the People’s perfection is the first flaw of this state,
perceived by you and the traitors that betrayed the oath:
fifty five million souls the Nation is short, blood in
womb spilled to cleanse the People of every scourge.

Yet this People is stubborn, so filled with the undesired:
what perverse physician’s knife could not end the gun,
the drug, the poison must death bring, that lies hidden
in food and water unknowingly, provoking neoplasm.

What you wait for? Don the purple for four years while,
crown of gold mint, erect your tribunal in public: shame
you have none, a Senate colluding, mete out then death’s
sentence on whosever you wish, maim yet another generation.

An ephor appoint for life to confirm this sad downfall
enjoy fullness of supreme power, unchecked by any court,
you need hear no more the cry of single mother, nor protest
of Holy Mother Church, nor see the sight of departing soldier.

All the show is finished, now begins the plan, seditious
and secret, unleashed at opportune moment. What prince
can stop you, what power on Earth? All prophets of action
seem asleep or dispersed, killed by terrible strike from sky.

But behold, your reign shall be challenged: they who love
thee now shall see the multitude and fly, a voice shall be heard
throughout the land, and it shall not be ignored, for the Lord
has anointed them to go with courage and without fail.

Yea! Hear the oracle now! Dismiss not the holy ravings,
lest you yourself ope the door for enemy. They are at the walls
with fire from their destroyed homes, ready to exact revenge.
God seek now, or perish with your power: so I say and destiny orders.

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