Sunday, October 21, 2012

Government and Governance III

The Freedom of Man




Man is free, and deserving of freedom. Created in the image of God, man’s precious freedom was confirmed by the blood of the Christ, Jesus, Himself, by his obedience to God, the Almighty Father.




The freedom of man is the natural innocence of man as the very brother and dear child of God. Christ Jesus proclaims salvation to man, and his restoration to blameless innocence and boyhood.




The obedience of man to God is the affirmation of man’s freedom. For man is not the slave of God, but His servant, and moreover, His friend. For the Master did reveal to us His Holy Will, and “told us everything He knows.” Man enjoys the privilege of the confidence of God, and as His child is called to bring it into being as co-Creator. God and those of God alone respect man’s freedom, and his will, while God reveals His Will and invites us to join in the work. Therefore, all men are equal before God and each other.




Man in his freedom has the right to speak his dreams, his fears, his belief, his compassion, and his protest. Man has the right to “bear the conch” and to not have his speech stolen or suppressed by ridicule and insult. Man by his speech cannot steal the dignity of others, or the voice of others, or the hope of others in his promises, or the sense of others in his observations. Speech belongs to God and man alone; through speech God created and creates. Man can do likewise, or destroy little by little, until he wreaks all.




The first thing that states abuse is the freedom of man. The last thing they steal is the freedom of man. Once all has been stolen, the seeds of destruction have sprouted. Let the statesman take heed, and govern free men. A nation of free men will always remain free.




Slavery is the theft of man’s freedom. Beezelbub seeks to enslave men, by tempting men to take each other’s freedom. Lies steal man’s trust and faith. Slogans and half-truths steal man’s attention and perception on the truth. False philosophies steal man’s mind. Violence steals man’s holy innocence. Inappreciation and degradation, by self or otherwise, steals man’s love. Stubbornness steals man’s patience. Ignorance steals man’s worth. Fear steals man’s peace. Blind ambition steals the sight of man’s heart. Selfishness steals man’s imagination. Laziness steals man’s passion. Lust steals man’s love and enslaves him to his sexual addictions. Stupidity steals opportunity. Obsession steals man’s priorities and duties. Anonymity steals man’s responsibility. When such happens, both the man hurting and the one being hurt have a piece of their precious freedom stolen by Beezelbub.




Christ Jesus in his Mercy gave us a way to restore our innocence and our gifts from the abyss of time, sin, and death. These serve for the metanoia of men back to the children of God, and, for the statesman, the conversion of the City of Man to the City of God. Where there are lies and fear, the light of truth must shine with peace and trust. Where there are false philosophies, they ought be silenced with the truth and debate, and wise censorship to avoid the poisoning of minds. Slogans and half-truths insulting the intelligence of man and appealing to impulses ought to be downgraded and replaced with open discussion and the true speech of man. Where there is inappreciation and degradation, there must be contrition and forgiveness. Where there is violence, the sum and ultimate end of these little sins, there must be love and all these above, to attack the situation bit by bit, and by the sword of love hack it back, and by the grace of God alone restore innocence.       




Society cannot be built on the hatred or ridicule of one or many. As Christ Jesus says, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” So cannot men, enslaved by hatred, controlled by evildoers and demagogues, live in peace, until they recognize each other’s dignity and beauty, and thus end endless enmity.




Peace can only be restored between two men with the contrition and forgiveness of both. By doing so, we gain healing from one another and the healing that comes from God.

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