Sunday, October 14, 2012

Apothesion of the Ocean 3



Nostra aetate!

Nostra aetate, nostra aetate,

videmus salvationem nostrum

in Deo Patre, Filio, et

Spiritu Sancto Paraclito. Amen.




Veni Creator Spiritus,

mentes tuorum visita,

imple superna gratia,

quae Tu creasti pectra!


Triune God in splendid Glory unapproachable,

made bearable by cloth of poor humanity

made triumphant and incorrupt in Christ,

let my tiny prayer but touch Thine ear,

as the worlds wheel perfectly beneath

Thy governance, and hear this prayer

I raise from deepest depth of soul and heart.

For I, Thy bard, am anointed to awesome task,

to blue shadow lay upon these white pages

of Thy Creation, oh my God, the perfection

that defies all taming, all rhyme and rhythm

of human hands, and limit what is limitless,

marshal the ever-changing, fickle waters,

the fury of storms and quake of startled

hearts, when they see again the Temple

of Thine Glory!


                         But remember, o my God,

the purest womb and perfect virginity that

once bound You by Your Will to the Earth,

and thus restored it to perfect innocence.

Though so lacking, possess the darkened

places of my mind with uncreated light:

with touch so mighty as to sanctify the

unworthy, make me again Tabernacle

of Thine Spirit. Humility sharpen to

face Thine Oceanic servant, pride

and all dullness dispel with fresh love,

renew my eye and ear with curious,

piercing fire, and thus hand empower

to command the world be bound

in the epic of the ocean. Stella Maris,

Mary! Pray for this conversion with

whole host of heaven, Florian first

among them. Rank me in thy noble

heritage, the fishermen of souls and fish,

and guide my hand with steadfast supplication

upon the swath of white and sapphire, both

unforgiving, and both steps to highest heaven.

Calliope, where you faint before the daring

task, let the angels take us both above heaven’s orb.

Vision come and prophesy the happy gospel

Armed with skill of divine fear and gentleness:

Now burn soul, and speak in tongues of fire!

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