Saturday, October 13, 2012

Government and Governance 2

The Nature of Man




All of the philosophical and theological traditions of the world have proposed that deities, as worshipped by the various people, bear the faces of their worshippers. Such was famously observed by Plato. Moreover, all have generally tended towards the fact that humans were created in the lowest scheme of Creation, as mere pawns or menial products of the creative work of some deities.




The Christian proposition, as naturally matured from the traditions of Judaism, radically refutes such propositions. The Creator reveals to us that we are the “sons of the Most High” and heirs of His Heavenly Kingdom. Even though we were created last, and the angels hold beginnings far earlier than those of man, it is us who serve as princes of Heaven, and for whom all Creation was brought into being. Thus, the word of God is fulfilled, when Jesus said, “The first shall be the last, and the last shall be the first.”





The Christian proposition does therefore empower and challenge the statesman to treat man as he is, and to govern men as they are. Man is not a slave. Man is not an animal. Man is a child of God, and until statesmen govern children of God as older brothers, they shall not have the peace of the children of God. For to live a human life is to worship God. The help others live a human life is to bring God into the world. To do either is to do the Will of God.

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