Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Letters and Other Prayers XIV

The Word of God

Lord, again I say: You speak the Words of eternal Life!
You Word is changeless, ever fresh, like the dew of Heaven
finding source in boundless ocean of Thine Mercy! Amen,
amen, I say, the joy of so long ago alights again on hearts.

My mouth will ever bless You Lord, Creator and Savior,
my tongue shall ever sing Thine praise. As David did so
many generations ago, I take harp of voice again, blessed
according to Your Word, to the thousandth generation!

The question You, my Christ, spoke in Getsemane long
before my soul hath breath of life, shakes it as if I were
witness to Thine tragedy: sight, sound, speech granted
to the believers even now opens my eye, ear, and mouth.

And all the fiery teaching of the prophets still challenges
my conscience, stays the stray from unstoppable travesty,
reminds the wicked of high Heaven’s vengeance: what
other Word so relevant remains, spoken three millennia ago?  

It is the Word of truth, the word that speaks with knowledge
of He Who hath molded the hearts of men, Who knows
their every dream, hope, and desire, knows their ways,
so far below ever His own folly, from which springs life.

Yea, forsooth, life is writ in what is mistake in our eye,
but higher perfection in the Mind of God: the scroll
of being writ in every living drop thus responds to
the glow and touch of the Lord, becoming all that teems.

In everything, the glory of the Lord is written, His Glory
endures forever! All that is, however ancient, is as naught
to the eternity of the Word, spoke before the world was spoke.
May Christ Jesus be glorified, now and forever! Amen.

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