Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Apothesion of the Ocean XV

The Captain’s Speech

A poetic interpretation of Kapitan Rick’s advice. I beg the Reader allowance for artistic license.

A fine statesmith is the Ocean, my crew,
my friends to whom I show all my art and
knowledge, still yet increasing after decades
on the waters. We cross on our track wide
and strange kingdoms that gyres cut and shape.
These are moved in million year march, like
the masses of land, by deep water that last
saw day a thousand years ago. Our craft
will tread through stellar splendor, like the
ships that dip their wings high above the airs
of heaven, but only if we work as one selflessly.

Beware of the Sword of Neptune, not the mere
lead by coward’s hand fired into you - the
sea still coats my eye in tear, in dread awe
and dread fear. But you shall yield it well
and avoid its heavy blow – I will let you not
be dispatched without a fight that sets highest
price for breath of man on Earth. Here but
two factions, two borders divide the affairs
of men, life and death, and you shall be the
third division to exalt one and fight the other,
till you reach refined perfection in sight of God
and fellow mate. Here is the home of water
and fire, here empires were won and lost in
single day. Yet the sea remains as kingdom boundless,
resisting the borders of men.

I am second after God. the Master of the Sea,
but I am on constant vigil, just as Jesus is.
I am here to live and dine with you, to taste
the best spices in the world: true hunger
and generosity. Remember, I have chosen
you, not you me, and I trust you with my life.
Live and write furiously, for should even all gale
press upon the sails, the gates of hell will not prevail
against this blessed piece of heaven, worthy as she is.
My ship is yours, the boundless ocean your abode.
Be not afraid, and take the helm: guide her home.

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