Friday, November 2, 2012

Letters, and Other Prayers XIII

Requiem for Justice

See the majesty of law abused, and used
To beat and kill the innocent; see the word
That was to truth convey lie instead,
And obstruct the justice it was meant to bring.

So is justice raped when children are
Put in jail, when families are ripped apart,
When penalty know no penance, nor
Mercy its child – then is freedom stolen!

These men and women seek its whole destruction,
And build in awful construction a new tower,
And the columns that were raised to justice house,
Are now razed, her ashes scatted, for the thrones of criminals.

It is they who hijacked her august crown
And scepter, the rod that kept the races quiet
And protected the poorest of the nation – these now
They use to press, and harness the masses in slavery.

Thus the coin that could not buy the air of heaven
Nor water of ocean, nor shower of rain, nor
Piece of land buys the thing by God’s Will
And Blood denied to Satan’s hand: free human will.

You, the evil servants doth the Savior’s glory
Mire in your filth and pure corruption!
But wait, you proud villains, you fools by the power
That is not your own made numb and stupid.

For I am the voice crying out in the desert,
The voice that proclaims the holy jubilee,
And manumission to the men bound by fear,
The women bound by tears, and children by manacles of money.

Behold in my hand the standard of Christ,
And in my word the authority of Truth,
For I was called to bring the nations to the Lord,
And make them worthy of His steps among us again!

Therefore I say: arise, you holy penitents!
Arise, and let your life engender life lost
But in this world, and not the world above, where
We, the heirs of God, will build His throne on Justice.

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