Thursday, April 11, 2013

Special Post: Pope Francis


          As you well know, the Catholic Church again has a pope! And what a worthy Vicar of Christ the Holy Spirit has elected for His Church! I hope that all reading, of whatever confession, will be happy in knowing a wonderful and deeply moral man has been chosen to further the cause of peace and justice in our broken world.


Habemus Papam Franciscum!
The chimney overflows with the smoke of joy!
Alleluia, hear the happy peal of bells! Quick,
beat the chosen Pontiff to the door! Go, and see
still the closed door, hiding his kind, gentle face.

See! See how something stirs! Is it them, is it
the grand procession that carries forth God’s
Vicar to the world? Amen, it is the golden Cross,
unmistakable, that leads the members and the head.

Amidst the red at last appears white Jorge, humble
servant of all servants, from henceforth Francis
he is known, smiling rebuilder of God’s Holy Church,
with mighty grace summoned from New World.

Yea, behold Peter! Shout the ecstasy of spirit!
All of Rome is aglow with orange light, all the Earth
with hearts delighted at the choice: forsooth Spirit
elected worthy Pope, to guide us to peaceful shore.

But quell now! No one dares speak as Francis greets
his flock, as he prays for old Pontiff hidden in Lord,
and begs the people of God confirm his Holy Office
with solemn blessing, an offering of honest hope.

My Lord! Be pleased to hear this little supplication,
for in Francis I see answer to so many of our calls,
pour out abundance of Thine grace upon him,
that till You call him, he may serve you as You deserve.

Let not the men of ill will prevail upon him, in this
Age of Judges: after new Moses and new Joshua,
let this Judge like the Savior rule Church Militant,
with charity, mercy, and abundance of blessing.

And so Canaan shall be ruled by You, o Lord,
we shall not mix and mingle with the lost world,
the corruption of old is replaced holy faithfulness,
and Mother Church in fresh waters shall be bride
ready to pass through Heaven’s humble portal.

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